I'm The Submissive Man's Dream Girl

The Las Vegas Dominatrix that you have always wanted is right here waiting for you. I just love submissive men. If you have been a bad boy, guess what? I am ready to put you in line. I think that you are probably in need of a spanking. Just know that you are not too big for me to put you over my knee! I'll entertain you and you are more than welcome to bring your girlfriend along for the ride.

Entertaining couples is one of my favorite things to do. Maybe you would like an audience when I assert my dominance over you. As an experienced Las Vegas dominatrix, I know how to take control over the situation. I'm one of the world's finest strippers but I have a wide range of abilities. My white hot strip shows are the stuff of legend.

Whether you are looking to spend time with a Las Vegas dominatrix or enjoy activities that are a bit more low key, I am able to cater to you. I'm a passionate girl and it shows. There is no questioning my commitment to your happiness. I love to see you smile. I will stop at nothing to make sure that you are fully satisfied.

Your Pleasure Is My Pleasure
Simply put, I am not going to be happy unless you are happy. I know that there are lot of strippers in this town who are vying for the attention of a man such as yourself. That's why I pride myself on standing apart from the crowd. When you spend time with me, you will get to find out more about all of the ways that I stand alone. I can show you much better than I can tell you, though.

Bachelor parties are also one of my favorites. I love the energy that courses through the air on nights like these. Let me be the one to make you and your friends' event a truly amazing one. I know how important that last night of bachelorhood can be. That's why I'll be on hand to make sure that everyone is having the time of their lives.

Bringing My A Game
Your satisfaction is always fully guaranteed because I am sure to bring my A game at all times. Whether you are looking for the type of woman who can take control or you would rather receive a scintillating private strip show, Ryan is here for you. I'm versatile and able to adapt to any situation that I am placed in. This is just one of the many benefits that are associated with spending time with me.

To find out more about the advantages that I have to offer, you will need to come see me in person. Please do not hesitate to give me a call when you are going to be in the city of sin. No trip to Las Vegas is truly complete until you have had the chance to spend some time with me!